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The city of San Antonio is exploding with rental properties!

The seventh most populous city in the country has a lot to offer new residents. The job market continues to increase while the cost of income stays economical. We are certainly completing the demographic of millennials, retirees, families and anything in between.

Most of these brand new locals like renting first before buying their own house. The rental game is a minefield especially in a city as big as San Antonio.

Connect with Scott Wiggans when you get to San Antonio at 210-201-6543. I can definitely link you to the owner of the property in Chevy Chase or Edens Creek. A sample apartment for rent in Chevy Chase with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath with approximately 875 sq. ft . living space is right in the heart of Alamo Heights and within walking distance to two parks, shopping centers, and the downtown.

The San Antonio home rentals are set on appreciable locations accented by hardwood flooring, and large windows with a generous flow of natural light. Meanwhile, another rental residential property is immaculately set on a hilltop. Tenants who have a keen attention to details will appreciate the oversized backyard and spacious deck. Walk on the beautiful wood laminate floor. With 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, this will jumpstart your life in San Antonio.

If this seems like the kind of property you have and want to put it up for lease then San Antonio Property Management can do the job for you too.

What does a property management company entail?

Here are several points to give you an idea of what San Antonio Property Management does:

1. We collect rent. With online payment capabilities nowadays, it is difficult to justify hiring a property manager only for collecting monthly payments but it is not as easy as you think. Most real estate investors don't have the time to chase after tenants for the monthly rent.

2. We respond to maintenance calls. This is the biggest driving force why investors enlist our help at San Antonio Property Management. Dealing with the tenants can sometimes be the most rigid part. Their demands may not be big and expensive but the timing and urgency is.

It may have something to do with blocked pipes, a broken ceiling or uncontrollable noise from one of the neighbors on a Saturday night. These can be irritating calls to the landlord and we optimize income properties by making sure we respond rapidly. Deeper complaints can be delegated to outside specialists. Experienced investors have a property management agreement which automatically authorizes us to handle concerns until a certain benchmark. This streamlines the process and we can ensure issues don’t get worse if tenants cannot reach their landlords.

3. We deal with defaulters. Meaning slow payers or those who may be in breach of their leases, or are headed to a criminal case. It’s good news when renters are easy to deal with, but in other cases, it may require lawyers to get rid of bad tenants.

4. Regular maintenance. We call for regular inspections and routine maintenance.

5. Bookkeeping. This is probably the most boring part of real estate but somebody has to willingly do the job because it’s the blood of the business. Accurate bookkeeping and invoice handling are lucrative for minimal taxes, and for keeping and getting new vendors.

6. We screen the tenants. A good property management company will find you better. We show the units, we screen prospective renters and this is the best part. This is where we bring a lot to the table.

7. We safeguard liability. We anticipate exploiters of false accusation of illegal eviction rules and negligent maintenance. We do our best to divert those issues and take action immediately.

What makes a good property management company?

There are specific characteristics and skills that are best suited for this type of work, which is demanding and hectic. It is important to have quality to succeed in this business. Here are a few of the 5 key qualities you should look for when hiring a property management company:

1. Excellent communication skills. A competent property management company should be able to articulate what is going on with the property at any given time. They should be able to keep everyone updated with the company’s successful work. This includes owners, tenants, and maintenance partners. There may be times where these individuals will have frustrating concerns, it’s important that property managers respond in a calm and professional manner.

2. Organized. Property managers should be organized to ensure regular collection of rent and other deposits. Also, all records should be kept in a file or on a computer.

3. Excellent follow-up skills. It’s highly essential that in business, we should all be true to what we say. A property management company who looks into property maintenance should be able to get back to you in a reasonable time. For example, we say we will make a follow up in the evening, we will make the necessary advice even if there’s nothing to report. Always consider how the company’s follow-up skills are before hiring a property management company.

4. Capacity to research. We, at the San Antonio Property Management, make sure that we keep up with the new changes in Texas if there is anything that involves real estate. We keep up to date by reading local state market conditions all the time. There are documents, contracts and agreements that should be finalized between the property owners, the tenants and all parties involved in the property.

5. Good listening skills. This may seem like a tiny detail but this is oftentimes overlooked by a lot of rental management companies. The right one should not assume that just because they’ve been in this business for a long time that listening to what the owners or tenants need is unnecessary. San Antonio Property Management has the ability to listen and customize our services and value added services to meet your needs and achieve the vision of your property.

Landlord-tenant laws that should be remembered

1. The fair housing act and the fair credit reporting act of the Federal Landlord-Tenant Laws are the two important laws that affect all landlords and property managers. The fair housing act is to prohibit discrimination and goes beyond leasing to advertising and preventing landlords to market their properties to certain groups of people. On the other hand, the fair credit reporting act dictates that landlords can use their renter’s credit history for screening purposes as long as there’s permission to run a credit report.

2. State laws about rental properties and tenant rights normally concern practical matters. Terms and conditions can be set as a part of a lease, termination guidelines and how evictions should be handled.

3. A landlord’s legal responsibilities. Make sure to be familiar with landlord-tenant laws specifically for your city and state. You may get in touch with the The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for regulations covering discrimination and other federal issues affecting your tenants. You may also check with your state real estate board or ask for referrals so you can join a local professional agency for landlords. They can guide you on state regulations.

San Antonio Property Management, a department of Real Estate Muses is your go-to for all your rental management concerns!

All these qualities required from a property management company can be found at San Antonio Property Management. If you have questions or inquiries, please visit us on our website.

No matter how much time you spend online researching, the help of an expert is always best. San Antonio Property Management will be able to give you the key insight on what you need to do whether you are a property owner looking for someone who can monitor your business or you’re new here in San Antonio and you’re looking for a place to start anew. 


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